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Episode 25: Body image

Episode 25: Body image


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This episode takes us deep inside the world of body image. First Liz and Kim discuss a paper where some Irish researchers looked at teenagers’ ways of coping with body image challenges on social media. Then there’s an extended interview with Marika Tiggemann, a world-renowned researcher of body image who tells us about the main findings from her long and successful career, and how social media changed things.

From both of these segments we learn that rational persuasion is not the best way of dampening down the effect of all those idealised images. What has been your experience of body image, either your own or that of somebody you’ve been caring for? What has made a positive difference for you?

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Show notes

Irish paper: Ciara Mahon and David Hevey, ‘Processing body image on social media: gender differences in adolescent boys' and girls' agency and active coping’ (2021) 12 Frontiers in Psychology MAY 21 2021

Marika Tiggemann on ResearchGate

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