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Outside the Screen Podcast
Ep 22: Loneliness, Go! and gaming on the autism spectrum

Ep 22: Loneliness, Go! and gaming on the autism spectrum

This week Liz and Kim discuss a Chinese systematic review about loneliness and screen addiction. (Fun fact: a systematic review is a kind of study that aggregates a bunch of other studies.)

The review is of an Australian movie about car racing, with some positive messages for kids aged 10 and up, and Liz interviews Szymon Olejarnik, the researcher whose paper we looked at in Episode 14. (And look out for some bonus content where Kim reflects on that interview, due to drop in a day or so.)

Also, listen out for a weird moment where the hosts change roles!

Show notes

Chinese paper: Meng-Wei Ge Fei-Hong Hu, Yi-Jie Jia, Wen Tang, Wan-Qing Zhang, Dan-Yan Zhao, Wang-Qin Shen and Hong-Lin Chen, 'The relationship between loneliness and internet or smartphone addiction among adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis' Psychological Reports Early Access Date: JUN 2023

Go! review: https://childrenandmedia.org.au/movie-reviews/movies/go

Go! availability in Australia: https://www.flicks.com.au/movie/go-2020/

Szymon Olejarnik: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Szymon-Olejarnik




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