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Ep 20: Cartoons and aggression, Hugo, and lawsuit against tech giant

Ep 20: Cartoons and aggression, Hugo, and lawsuit against tech giant


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Episode 20 already! Tune in to find out why cartoon violence is actually violence, and what is going on with the 41 US state governments that are taking a certain very large tech company to court. In between, there’s a review of an action adventure movie set in 1930s Paris, read by a real live Frenchman.


We weren’t able to find any evidence of CBACT being available in Australia … but you might know something! If so, please get in touch: email outsidethescreenpod@gmail.com OR leave a comment.

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Show notes

Chinese/Pakistani paper: Ponam Saba, Haiwen Qi, Atif Saleem, I-Jun Chen, Fahd Naveed Kausar & Muhammad Farhan Iqbal, 'Effects of Animated Movies on the Aggression and Behavior Performance of Primary School Students and Their Control Using a Cognitive Behavioral Anger-Control Training (CBACT) Program' (2023) 13(8) Behavioral Sciences DOI: 10.3390/bs13080659

Hugo review: https://childrenandmedia.org.au/movie-reviews/movies/hugo

Hugo availability in Australia: https://www.flicks.com.au/movie/hugo/

US AGs’ suit against Meta:
1. Free article from an Australian perspective;
2. more detailed article from US outlet;
3. (for the law nerds) the actual complaint in the federal case.

Also: fascinating interview with Frances Haugen

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